What’s it Like Working at Systematic?

What’s it Like Working at Systematic?

written on May 18, 2020All, Behind the Scenes

I thought for my first blog it might be fun to share a little insight on what my job entails and what it is like working for a company like Systematic Home Staging and the one & only, Joseph Sipp.

I started working here in February, right before the Stay-At-Home order came into place. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that working for Systematic was going to be different….and by different I mean the job I’ve always wanted. To be completely honest, I knew this was the perfect job for me and the company I HAD to work for way before I even met Joseph and the team. My fiancé and I had been house hunting for a few months prior and all my favorite houses just happened to be ones staged by Systematic.

I do not believe this to be a coincidence. I was captivated by Systematic’s modern, clean, seamless design. They were somehow able to make a home look picture perfect and exactly what you were looking for. Not surprisingly, all those homes I loved sold within days of our scheduled walk-through and before my fiancé and I even had time to commit. Disappointed but not surprised, I followed the company on social media to keep up with the homes they staged that came on the market.

I remember thinking, “I would really like to work for this company..” I have always had an interest in interior decorating, but my background was in marketing. Thinking it could be the best of both worlds, I submitted my application the moment I saw an open position for Marketing Coordinator.

I was over the moon when the very next day I got a call from Sueann, the Director of Operations and Design.

Before my interview, I did a ton of research on the company to prepare and I was shocked to find out the CEO was only 20 years old. How was that even possible when everything about the company was so professional and the design was impeccable? I was a little skeptical, but the second I walked into my interview and met him, all of those feelings disappeared. Joseph was inviting and mature and obviously knew what he was doing.

My interview went really well and I was hired shortly afterwards.

It didn’t take long for me to learn how lucky I am to be working for Systematic. Everyday Joseph comes in and personally greets everyone. His positive energy radiates throughout the entire office. He lets each of us decorate our office as we please, and my coworkers and I are in the process of planning a redesign of my space and I am so excited (perks of working for a design company? I think yes!). Each of my team members is so creative and it is so fun to collaborate and hear each other’s ideas. One of Joseph’s company core values is customer service, and from the second I stepped into our office, that has been undeniable. He treats everyone with the utmost kindness and respect.

So now that I’m back working at the office and no longer working from home, what does a typical day in the life of a Systematic Home Staging employee look like, you ask? A lot of it is brainstorming ideas and designs. It includes Joseph walking past your desk 20 thousand times with new ideas (I swear this man’s brain goes ten million miles per second). It is a lot of jokes, laughs, and trying to get the most steps out of all your coworkers (who doesn’t love a little friendly team competition?).

Working at Systematic is waking up every morning excited to go to work. It’s Baxter the French Bulldog barreling his way to your desk to say hi and slobber all over you. It’s each of your coworkers taking time out of their day to say hello and chat with you. It’s Joseph hollering “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!”, around 17 times a day when he gets excited about a new idea or a really well- done design.

It’s getting cable TV in the office so we can watch HGTV, but none of us really have the time because we are all so busy. It’s your coworker excitedly rushing around the office to let everyone know HomeGoods is reopening. Most of all though, it’s having a job that truly makes you happy. It’s a creative outlet where you feel like your ideas and designs are seen and appreciated. It’s team bonding, but where everyone genuinely enjoys getting to know each other and spending time together.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of this sounds like a blast, but we work HARD. I admire Joseph’s work ethic and his dedication to his company and his team, and it definitely rubs off on all of us. It is easy to work hard when it’s something you are so passionate about and for a company you love.

If you are interested in seeing our office and meeting the team, maybe even considering getting a complimentary consultation for your home, don’t be afraid to reach out to me or someone on the team. We’d love to meet with you and show you around our office and warehouse. You will get the opportunity to experience Systematic’s “diamond quality” first hand. And trust me, you won’t ever go back.