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Staging Services

Our team of Systematic staging experts work exclusively with homes in Central + Northern Florida. We create a custom one-of-a-kind design & marketing plans to get your home from For Sale to SOLD







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Vacant Staging

Our packages are custom-designed to meet your budget and your goals. Package investments range between $1,700-$8,500 depending on the size of your home, furnishings required to give you the best possible edge, and several other important factors. All packages include complimentary photos, Facebook video & property publications!

Select package

The most cost effective package. Best for smaller homes or homes listed in the $150,000-$300,00 price range. Includes basic key essentials to furnish and decorate your home.

Gold package

Our most popular package. Great for mid-range to premium level homes. Includes trendy essentials, not just the basics.

Diamond package

For clients wanting a high-end experience. The best package for luxury homes. This package gives your home a deluxe, designer look.
520 %

The ROI for staging is 586%

61 %

Staged homes sell 88% faster

0 %

staged homes sell for 20% more

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Occupied Staging

Occupied Home Staging is exactly what it sounds like: staging for an occupied home. We will come to your home and declutter, clean, and organize. We will use all your furniture that is currently in the house and rearrange it professionally for maximum appeal to every visitor who tours the home!

25 &nbspDAYS

on market before staging

0 &nbspDAYS

on market after staging

the fastest

Express Staging

Need staging like, yesterday?

Call to book now and get staged within 48 hours. This service is perfect for clients who need staging fast and on a budget. Express Staging includes a full room design, inventory hand selection, and a ready-to-go designer finish. Includes complimentary photos, Facebook video & property publications!

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