Quick and Efficient: The Systematic Way

Quick and Efficient: The Systematic Way

written on July 13, 2020All, Behind the Scenes, Staging

When we are at home staging conferences and conventions, we get the same question asked: “How do you guys complete a stage so quickly?” Other home staging companies seem to always be impressed by how fast we complete our stages as well as how many staged homes we have at any given time (at least 100). We at Systematic Home Staging are completing two to three stages per day. Our efficiency is what sets us apart in the industry and today we are going to look at how we make all of this possible.

Teamwork. We have a whole team of people working from beginning to end on each stage. It isn’t solely up to the stager to get all of the details ironed out. We have a client care coordinator who sets up consults, a designer who walks the properties and comes up with the proposals, and a field manager who chooses all of the furniture and big items for the homes. That way, when it comes time for the actual staging part, the stager just has to choose decor and decorate the home. This process allows everything to run smoothly and allows us to schedule a whole lot more stages.

We specifically choose furniture that looks nice, but is not heavy. Our beds are made up of simple bed frames. Because our furniture is light and easy to move, it allows our logistics team to get a whole home furnished within an hour. It has taken some trial and error to get this just right but now we have this process down to a science and can easily complete 10-15 stages a week.

Organization is key. From the warehouse to the packing list, everything is specifically organized and coded to take the guesswork out of each job. Over time, we have come up with a “packing list” for our stagers. Of course every home is different and we do not have to stick exactly to this list, but it is definitely a helpful guideline to speed up the packing process. We have a list of items you would need to grab for a kitchen, family room, master bedroom, etc. Along with that, the warehouse is organized by item and by color, which allows the stagers to be able to pull all of the decor they need in about 30 minutes. From there, they just have to pack it up, put it in the van, and are on their way!

Again, it has taken some trial and error to get to where we are now and we are still working on ways to be more efficient every day. We are proud of our reputation of being the company that completes so many stages so quickly with detail and quality at our core!