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We currently offer three categories of staging.

Our first is called Vacant Staging– if the house is empty we bring our own furniture and decor to stage the house.

The second type that we provide is called Occupied Staging.  Our team will arrive to clean and organize your home and use your own furniture which we will rearrange if we think it would benefit your home.

The last kind of staging that we offer is called Express Staging.  Your house will be completely designed and staged in less than 48 hours so that you stay relaxed and within your budget.

Our amazing designer, Sueann, will visit the house before the stage to look at the layout and unique features in order to put together the perfect kind of style that is on trend and will fit the overall concept.

When a date is decided upon our staging team will contact you, typically in the morning, to let you know when they will be arriving that day.  You will receive a text so that you are always aware of when we are on the property.

Our staging team will be on the property for a maximum of 1.5-2 hours if they are conducting a basic stage.  For our luxury stages it will take a little longer and  take around 2.5-3 hours.

Your house will be staged for 90 days unless, of course, it sells before that. The time frame is also able to be extended if necessary.

The goal of our stages is to get the house sold as quickly as possible.  While we do not refund any part of the package if the house sells sooner than the 90 days, if the house does not sell within 30 days of being staged you will receive a credit of 5%, which we keep on file for you to use in the future.

Yes! We do offer payment options – the ability to pay over the course of three months or an option to pay at closing.

Our packages include more than just the staging.  One of our perks is that we will send our photographer to the location to take professional photos which you will receive within a day or two, and we will also use to develop your free marketing materials.  You are also welcome to schedule and pay for your own, preferred photographer and we can develop your marketing materials from those photos instead.

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