An Eye for Design

An Eye for Design

written on June 22, 2020All, Behind the Scenes

Working at Systematic has significantly changed my eye for design. I am not ashamed to admit that I excitedly follow multiple interior design accounts on social media, have subscribed to Architectural Digest and Interior Design magazine, and am planning to take online interior design classes, all because I have gained a greater awareness for the art.

The timing of getting a job at Systematic seems opportune to the fact that my fiancé and I just bought a house. So, I am diving headfirst into decorating our new home. With all the insights I have gained during my time with the company, I am finding ways to put my new know-how to good use. I am incredibly grateful to have my coworkers on hand for their support and opinions.

SueAnn, our Lead Interior Design Stylist, is helping me figure out the best way to design my home office. She’s already helped me figure out the best arrangement of my furniture (it’s a fairly small room), pick out amazing wallpaper, choose perfect paint colors, and also planned some eye-catching décor. Systematic is such an open environment, I can also ask anyone of the stagers as well as our CEO, Joseph, with the confidence they will give me honest answers and great advice.

Recently, I’ve gone to a few of the home stagings and picked up a few tips and “tricks of the trade.” One thing that has always baffled me is hanging wall art. But, our stagers’ ability to eyeball the wall and hang art pieces perfectly centered and perfectly leveled is remarkable. I must have watched them do it enough times that my brain was ready to hang paintings in my own home. I will now be adding “can hang a gallery wall just by eye-balling” to my repertoire.

Another helpful skill I’ve learned is how to use throw pillows. For example, deciding which ones to pick and the best way to place them. These are just a few aspects I would fret about while decorating, but now I can confidently pick pillows out and place them beautifully. And that’s the foundation for decorating: self-confidence. Recognizing and believing in your taste/style and being proud of what you have done.

Although I am neither a stager nor an interior designer, these are still skills I can put to good use and apply to my job as marketing coordinator. How? By knowing what our clients and followers value, and by posting content accordingly. I’m still learning. That is one of the thrilling parts about my job. I’m excited to continue to watch our company succeed and grow, and to be a part of it.