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A Day in the Life of a Home Stager

One of my favorite parts of my job as a home stager is that everyday is different. A different client, a different house, different furniture, and different décor, but we always end up with the same final product- A beautiful home ready to be put on the market, that will sell in record time. That is what we do, that is our job, and we do it well. For us, a day is crazy, it is busy, but it is SO FUN! So come along, as I walk you through a day in the life of a Systematic Home Stager.

Our days are well planned out. We start each one by going over our paperwork and our schedule. Our paperwork shows us the house will be staging, which rooms in the home we will be staging, photos of the house, and the style that has been requested for the home. The furniture that will be going into the home will have already been chosen by our field manager, so we can browse that to get a better idea of what direction we want to go with our art and décor choices.

Shopping the warehouse is the best part of our day, every day! This is the part where we get to pull the décor choices for the home. We pull based on how many rooms we will be staging. Our basic package includes all the main rooms in the home- The family room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and master bathroom. Some other rooms that may be included on the quote could be but are not limited to- Second and Third bedrooms, home offices, bonus rooms, kitchen nooks, sitting areas, additional bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. We ensure that we have enough décor and art pulled, bedding, and pillows- and we load it all into our stager van. Our logistics team will have loaded all the furniture, large art, and large greenery into their truck, and we are all ready to hit the road!

When we arrive at a home that is ready to be staged, all things run like a well-oiled machine, and we can get into the home, stage the property, and back out in record time. It is when the homes are not prepared for us that it slows our day down and puts our entire schedule behind. If you need any guidance on how to ensure your home is ready to be staged, my awesome co-worker Alexis will be writing a blog about that process to help you be prepared, so keep an eye out for that!

Having staged many homes, we are able to move quickly and efficiently at the properties. Our logistics team unloads and places the furniture in the appropriate room with the guidance of the lead stager on the job. Once rugs and furniture are placed, we hang our art around the home. We choose the right piece of art based off the color and size that is most appropriate for the space. When we are pulling our art, we cannot always guarantee the size of any wall or space, so we always make sure to bring lots of fun extra pieces to give us options! You never really know what you are going to want until you are standing in a space.

Our process in the home is quick and efficient. We move room to room placing our décor- keeping in mind the style of the home and the color story we are trying to tell. We always finish up in the kitchen, pack our leftover décor back into our van, post on our Instagram story, and do our live Facebook video.

Depending on what our day looks like, if we have another stage, we will repeat this process all over again, until all stages are complete. We always end our day back at the warehouse where we empty out our van of anything left over from the day, we clean up and organize our warehouse, and we check in with the office for our next days’ work.  

We stay busy, we are fast paced, we work hard everyday. We do this not only for you, our client, but for ourselves. We set expectations for ourselves and we are constantly striving to excel. We are not just home stagers; We are the “Diamond Standard” in the Home Staging Industry and we want every stage to show that.

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